What do you sell at the Gilles Street Market?

– Brand new summer 2010 range of T-shirts
– Onfield major leauge baseball caps
– Authentic Ray Ban Wayfarers.

We also have a selection of pre loved demim delights- including womens high waisted cut off shorts, mens cut off shorts and uni-sex denim shirts.

What is your label name and why?

Words people instanly recognise, words that tie/sew and knot our way of communicating.

What inspired you to start your label?

After collarboarating with friends and starting the brand Fluoroscope in 2006. Brothers Daniel and Dominc Smith branched out on their own. After spending several months in Seoul, South Korea they started ‘andorwith’ a surf/skate/street brand inspired from the Seoul street fashion scene.

What materials are used in creating your designs?

Andorwith garments are manufactured from the highest quality 100% combed cotton yarns.

Any background on some of the unique pieces in your collection?

Our summer 2010 collection was inspired by the documentary ‘zeitgiest’. Each collection will be inspired by something different and themed accordingly.

Your favourite designer?

The designers from Ksubi and Insight are pretty influential and inspiring.

Andorwith was started in 2009 out of Adelaide as a joint collaboration by two brothers – one an architect/graphic artist and the other a fashion guru.

The brand came about after spending several months in Seoul, South Korea during 2008 and being inspired by the downtown Seoul fashion scene. The idea was to start an Australian street brand with surf/skate inspired themes with the flavour of one of the biggest Asian cities.

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